Ashenhurst Partner Group Contract Furniture

Workplace Solutions

Ashenhurst Partner Group is no ordinary furniture dealership. We are a fully integrated interior solutions provider. We are committed to developing long term relationships with clients by constantly identifying the best solutions and delivering the right products on time and within budget.

Making smart product choices involves a clear understanding of our client’s goals. APG incorporates form, function, flexibility and value.

Ashenhurst Partner Group works with top furniture manufacturers, and craftsmen to give our clients inspiring designs and unique products.

“The space within becomes the reality of the building.”
Frank Lloyd Wright
Ashenhurst Partner Group Auto Dealership Projects

Domestic and Import… With objectives clearly defined, we develop your ideas into thoughtful solutions. We realize the dealer’s vision while satisfying the branding requirements of the automaker at a substantial savings.

Ashenhurst Partner Group Corporate Projects

Today’s workspace is comprised of collaboration areas, open office floorplans, and private offices. We will update your space, offering you a unique opportunity to rethink how your company interacts within your work culture.

Ashenhurst Partner Group Education Projects

We work with our educational partners to grow our knowledge, understanding, and experience with the higher education market. Since we all see the world differently, furnishings should offer mobility and adaptability.

Ashenhurst Partner Group Financial Projects

Banking continues to seek effective practices to serve their communities. Our established reputation creates beautiful, functional, and economical interiors that differentiates each institution from their competitors.

Ashenhurst Partner Group Government Projects

From workspace concepts to training room configurations, we call on our extensive knowledge of public and private sector needs, to deliver efficient ergonomic improvements that enhance employee productivity.

Ashenhurst Partner Group Health & Wellness Projects

Interior surroundings have great impact on the patients healing process. From administrative offices to patient-care areas, we work with healthcare partners to provide solutions that address the changing dynamics of healthcare.

"Recognizing the need is the primary condition for Design."
Charles Eames

Chicagoland Metropolitan Area

Ashenhurst Partner Group is an independent, full-service contract furniture dealership with 200+ manufacturer alliances. We believe the most compelling measure of our quality service is all the fabulous long-term relationships we enjoy year after year.

Our expertise concentrates on end user relationships and cultivating Architect/Designer partnerships. Understanding our client’s needs, requests and concerns has always been our strength. Providing solutions that help people work more effectively together has always been every project’s goal.

Form, Function, Flexibility and Value
We create environments that are tailored to the way you do business